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Maha Rishi Bhrigu Ji

Great Saint Bhrigu Ji (Maha Rishi) was one of the Manas Putra (Manas Putra means born by thoughts in Mind) of Lord Bramha Ji. Maha Rishi Bhrigu Ji was one of the greatest amongst all of top Rishis . He was the creator of Jyotish Shastra (Astrology). He is the one who helped Lord Bramha Ji in creation of this world. Lord Bramha Ji is Known as The Creator of this world.

Maha Rishi Bhrigu Ji was one of the angry mood persoality. Once he visited Lord Vishnu Ji for few suggestion and discusions regarding creation of this world. During that time Lord Vishnu was sleeping in deep sleep and his wife Godess Laxmi ji was pressing his feets. Maha Rishi Bhrigu Ji Greets Lord Vishnu very gently and humbly but Lord Vishnu doesnt give any reaction to the gesture of Saint Bhrigu ji as he was in deep sleep. Due His Angry Nature Saint Bhrigu he starts feeling neglected and treat it as his insult. He again greets Lord Vishnu but still there was no reaction from lord Vishnu. Saint Bhrigu Ji thoughts Lord Vishnu ji is doing it intentionally and insulting him. Then Sainth Bhrigu Ji who was full of anger moves towards Lord Vishnu Ji and hit him with his foot on his chest, which broken his sleep. Then Lord Vishnu wakes up and felt surprised when he saw Siant Bhrigu ji in front of him. Then Lord Vishnu gently greets Saint Bhrigu Ji and welcomes him. But Godess LaxmiJi treats it as insult of his husband Lord Vishnu. She got angried the way Saint Bhrigu Ji behaves and She curses Saint Bhrigu ji and his dynasty that there will always a shortage of money and resources.
Then Lord VishnuJi consoles Godess LaxmiJi and convince her to control her anger and also motivates her to show Saint Bhrigu ji the path to earn good livings and resources. With that motivation and guidance of Godess Laxmiji, Saint Bhrigu written a Granth named Jyotish which helps him to solve problems of people by looking at their past, present and future.
In that way Saint Bhrigu Created Jyotish Shastra and used it to help the needy people. With Astrology(Jyotish Shastra) one can do unbelievable tasks also. This world cant run without astrology. With the help of Astrology one can solve all his problems and issues in his life.



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